Flu Season

My seven year old son recently had the flu, and as caregiver, I naturally got it too. The most important thing you can do when you have a fever is keep a glass of water nearby and just take sips here and there. My son had a fever of 103 degrees but he kept ice water with him all the time so that he could keep hydrated. Eating is not nearly as important as drinking when you are sick. I also found that lemon icees keep the water content up in your body and also taste really good going down!

Thankfully, we are healthy again, but I definitely recommend Gatorade, water, popsicles or something to keep your water level up in your body. You will get better faster and your body will thank you!

Fitness Training

If you are a beginner at exercising and want to know what you need to do to get a well-rounded routine started, fitness training is the way to go. All fitness training means is that you are working on your whole body, all muscle groups instead of just working one muscle group or bodybuilding. There are 5 elements to consider to help you design a great program for you.


Holistic Health

I’ve been thinking a lot about holistic health lately, healing the mind, body and spirit. Because when you think about it, all three have to work together in order to function properly. If you are working out and have a bad attitude about it, it won’t motivate you to continue exercising. Research suggests that it takes 21 days to change a behavior into a habit. For example, if you feel like you are ready to start an exercise program, but you are feeling like you are going to fail, you already have. Your attitude has to change in order to make the change.


Foot Golf

This past September, while I was up in Northern Michigan at a ladies retreat, I had an opportunity to play a new sport called foot golf. This is a fun game that combines soccer and golf, the playing field has 9 holes, and the terrain is a mixture of hills, bumps, dips and valleys.

There were seven of us playing, we each chose a soccer ball, a different color for each of us. Then we began at the first tee; we looked at the map to determine where the pin was and kicked the ball! We had a blast, we had to kick around trees, through bushes, up hills and down hills, chasing the ball every time it got close to the pin and then rolled down the hill again. The flag for each hole was sitting in a bucket, which was deep and wide enough for at least three balls to fit in.

We got great exercise, laughed and joked through the whole game and found it to be the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful fall day!

Ways to get in a Kettlebell workout

In my last post, I talked about some of the benefits of working out with a kettlebell. This time I wanted to share some different ways you can get in a good kettlebell workout. The YMCA offers classes periodically, and if you are trained, you could always start your own class pretty much anywhere you like. Because kettlebells are portable, you can change locations as much as you like!

Fitness Bootcamp in Ann Arbor offers many different cardio and strength training workout routines; one of which utilizes kettlebells. Because they are easy on your joints and burn many calories at a quicker rate, they are an excellent tool to add to any routine. Your personal trainer at Fitness Bootcamp will evaluate your physical health and wellness and decide which techniques will benefit you the most. The personal trainer will show you the best way to swing the kettlebell and get you started with the correct motions for better mobility and ultimate strength training.


Workout training with Kettlebells

There are many forms of exercise available today, zumba, aerobics both in and out of the water, spinning, and weight training just to name a few. There are also many different tools that are used for exercise, one of the most popular is a kettlebell.

So what IS a kettlebell? A kettlebell is a large cast-iron ball-shaped weight with a single handle that is used to perform cardiovascular, strength and training exercises. It is an exercise in and of itself, designed to strengthen tendons and ligaments to prevent injury and to isolate specific targeted muscle groups for strengthening.

It is easy to use a kettlebell the wrong way, so you want to make sure that if you are wanting to get into this form of exercise that you take a class or get a DVD with the many exercises that are available with kettlebells. Kettlebell’s come in different weight sizes, it’s better to start small and work your way up.

Kettlebell Swing

The above picture is what a typical kettlebell looks like. The technique involved with this unique tool is swinging, keeping good posture and back rounded as you swing. One of the benefits of a kettlebell is that it provides a great cardio and strength exercise to your routine, and pumps up your heart rate quickly. Another benefit is that it’s portable. You can take them anywhere to get in a good workout, even a favorite park at a lunch break will work!

Another benefit is that kettlebells are easier on the body, when used correctly. They are not as tough on joints as the more traditional cardio classes, the movements should be smooth and flow from one exercise to the next while feeling more natural on the body.

All in all, kettlebells offer a great workout, you can even use them twice a week for twenty minutes and feel good about the exercise you put in for the week. It’s good for your body, better for your health, and acts as a stress reliever, what can be better?


Personal Trainer

I have settled into winter, which means I wear comfy pants, thick socks and hunker down inside. Needless to say, my goals to exercise fall by the wayside when I see how bitterly cold it is outside.

To best be committed to your health no matter the weather is to have an accountability partner. Someone who will know when you miss your exercise workout and call you on it, someone who will motivate and guide you through the peaks and valleys associated with any routine.

Ann Arbor personal trainer‘s are an excellent option. They offer private trainer’s with one-on-one programs, and semi-private, which is a group of about 3-4 people all working toward a fit goal.

They will start with a physical assessment and ascertain your current exercise routines, lifestyle, and nutrition to tailor a program that will work best for you. Your trainer will start off slow and teach you some techniques that will help your overall posture and stance, and then build up for maximum weight loss and strength building.

So while winter may be getting you down, you know you still have somewhere to go!

Getting back on track

Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is just around the corner. So what are your plans for the holidays? Traveling across the country to see family? Staying close to home and hosting a party? It’s really easy this time of year to let our exercise regimen slide a little, what with all of the wonderful indulgent foods to eat at parties and family gatherings. If you are like me, you find it hard to say ‘no’ to the dessert table! That’s ok, go ahead and indulge, and when you are ready to get back on track, head over to Fitness Boot Camp in Ann Arbor!

Functional Training

In our everyday movements, there are many things that we already do without thinking about it. We squat when we get something off the floor, we twist our torsos getting out of a car, you push when shutting a door and lunge when something is falling and you want to catch it.

Functional training is a type of exercise that uses whole body movements instead of targeting only one muscle group. Using lunging, twisting, pushing and squatting, we can improve our balance and posture, decrease the risks of injury because the muscles are stronger and more resistant to tearing. Here I will show you 5 effective ways to use functional training for exercise.

Firstly, the bodyweight squat is the best exercise you can do for your lower body; it strengthens your low back, calves, glutes and hamstrings. It simply mimics the movement you would make to sit on a low stool. You can extend your arms out or fold them in front of you at about shoulder height. Your knees should never pass your toes, and keeping your knees straight while squatting is very important also.

Secondly is the lunge, which is another excellent exercise for the lower body. You simply take a big step forward and bend your knees deeply and lift your body back up. You want to make sure your shoulders are straight and your arms are down at your sides. You can continue going forward, or do backward walking lunges as well.

Third is push-ups, which train the chest, arms and core. Always start with your belly and chest flat on the floor to better address functional strength. Without locking the elbows at the top, push up with your arms and keep your core muscles tight. The number of push ups isn’t important, it’s keeping your muscles engaged that really matters.

Fourth is pull-ups, which targets back muscles, arms and core. Keep your shoulders contracted and don’t overextend at the top of the pull up, just have your elbows in line with your body.

Fifth and finally is rotations. There are many different twisting rotations that can be great exercises for arms, chest and back strength, see a physical therapist or trainer to find one that works best for your body.

These exercises are a great basic way to get into exercising, but no matter what you do, be safe and seek help if you are experiencing discomfort or pain with any of the movements.