Still looking

Praise the Lord, my back has been feeling better just by sleeping in my own bed again!  But I know this problem is something that won’t go away on its own, so I have to find a provider who offers the Active Release Technique in lower Michigan.  So far, I have only found a few Chiropractors who can do this technique, but they all work 2-3 hours away from me.  But I am still searching for someone closer to me and I will post all about it when I finally find one!

Active Release Technique

While vacationing in beautiful Grand Marais, MI in the U.P., I threw my lower back out again.  I had a terrible cold to start with that left me coughing so hard the muscles in my low back were strained to the point that any movement I made sent shockwaves of pain throughout my body.  Add to that we were sleeping on a thin mattress in a pop up camper, which didn’t provide much back support, needless to say.  I knew that the only way to relieve my pain was to see a Chiropractor.  (more…)

That dang back is whack- AGAIN

I’ve had chronic back problems for years.

Recently I’ve felt especially out of whack but in a different way than I have been in the past. Usually when I had back issues they would arise in the form of debilitating muscle spasms that are incredibly painful and immobilize me somewhat. My range of motion is usually limited and the pain is what I referred to as ‘tweaky’ and sharp. (more…)

Get your Run On

Alright, today I’m going to touch on one of the exercises I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with, running! Specifically today I’m going to talk about gear because it’s one of those things that can push your relationship with running closer to ‘love’ than ‘hate’, at least it does for me!

Wearing the right type of gear is critical in improving the level of performance of an athlete. This is a well-known fact by experienced athletes hence their pickiness when it comes to selecting their gear. If you opt to be a runner, it is essential that you are able to establish the type of gear that you will wear and the importance of each. Proper selection will ensure that your sports performance improves. (more…)

Taking my own advice…finally.

In my last post I had talked about my extreme fatigue. Well in all honesty it almost seems worse now. I’ve been really trying to ask myself what can I do to improve my situation. I’ve decided to really start listening to my body, and I mean really. I really do have a hard time letting myself rest. But my fatigue decided for me this time round. I’m officially in the middle of a complete rest week. No intense workouts. Only walks, yoga, and mediation.  (more…)

Give Yourself Permission

Lately I’ve been suffering from some pretty extreme fatigue. I have a hard time giving myself permission not to exercise even when I feel exhausted. I think a lot of my exhaustion comes from a vicious cycle of stress at work and anxiety. Those things tend to run you down. But of course exercise helps with stress and anxiety,  so keeping your workout routine up to snuff is also important in these times. I got an excellent tip from my friend who owns a gym and does personal training, I am forever grateful to Mike for this! I remember him saying it comes down to listening to your body, and if you must rest, you must rest.  (more…)

All About That Back

About five years ago I had a horrendous back spasm. I remember it quite clearly it was Friday after work. It was so bad I didn’t even return to work until the following week on Wednesday, and I was still in pretty bad shape. This wasn’t the first time I’d had a back spasm, nor was it the last. But this particular spasm pushed me to my mental limits. I had to try something different. I needed a change in my life.

I ended up finding some kind of Groupon or Living Social Deal for a personal trainer at in Ann Arbor. I thought I’d use this guy for a month then bounce. I had worked with other trainers in the past. I always felt like they were stuffy headed and judgmental, and also like they didn’t really care about me as a client but just collecting their bottom line dollar. (more…)

Fun Facts About Sleep

I recently read an article about the importance of sleep. It was actually an article about weight loss, and it described weight loss as a feat accomplished by balancing three parts. Much like a stool that you would sit on, without one leg you will tumble over.

It described the two obvious ‘legs’ first. Those are of course eating healthy combined with regular exercise most days of the week. Everyone knows this! What I found interesting was the importance that sleep has for anyone trying to lose weight. (more…)

Looking Back…

My health journey, which I touched on here, seemed to be on a quite convoluted path until recently. I struggled with back pain and low back spasms since I was about 11. It all seemingly started with a skiing accident that send me to physical therapy for  month. But looking back at it now, and what I understand about being truly healthy, I can see my issues  reached beyond back problems and started at a much younger age than 11. (more…)