Looking Back…

My health journey, which I touched on here, seemed to be on a quite convoluted path until recently. I struggled with back pain and low back spasms since I was about 11. It all seemingly started with a skiing accident that send me to physical therapy for  month. But looking back at it now, and what I understand about being truly healthy, I can see my issues  reached beyond back problems and started at a much younger age than 11.

When I was a very young baby I experienced several ear infections and was put on many antibiotics in the course of early childhood. Later, when I was in middle school I got a chronic bladder infection that lasted almost a year. Yes, you read that right, almost a whole YEAR. I was on antibiotics back to back, switching from this to that. Testing and culture would show I had a different infection this time and needed a different type of antibiotic. I also have many antibiotic allergies, so finding an antibiotic that worked was difficult.

When I was a baby I had eczema, it got so bad may parents had to use topical steroids. I continued to have eczema as a child, it was somewhat seasonal (worse in the winter) but I also had pretty bad cases of it on my feet for years no matter the season. It itched terribly. And it cracked. It hurt and made something as simple as walking painful. In college I started to get eczema on my hands. It was REALLY bad. My hands had lots of intense itchy patches and open little cracks. It is so painful that I have a hard time doing things as simple as typing or writing with a pen, so you can forget asking me to open a jar.

And all this happening within a family where my mom has a PhD in microbiology and my father had experience working in hospitals as a repository therapist. My parents are educated, and in the sciences…so why is it that no one and I mean NO ONE thought to stop and ask what is really going on? Why does this little girl have eczema, recurring bladder infections, and severe back spasms, all before high school?

I started having a flare up last summer and this flare up on my hands is what drove me to seek more answers and put me on my current healing trajectory. Stay tuned as I share more of my journey and how you can get healthier too.

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