Give Yourself Permission

Lately I’ve been suffering from some pretty extreme fatigue. I have a hard time giving myself permission not to exercise even when I feel exhausted. I think a lot of my exhaustion comes from a vicious cycle of stress at work and anxiety. Those things tend to run you down. But of course exercise helps with stress and anxiety,  so keeping your workout routine up to snuff is also important in these times. I got an excellent tip from my friend who owns a gym and does personal training, I am forever grateful to Mike for this! I remember him saying it comes down to listening to your body, and if you must rest, you must rest. 

There have been several days lately where I have had a very hard time giving myself permission to take rest days, but I really needed them. I like to have a workout routine that includes cardio and weightlifting, but I’m interested in too many things to be great at any one thing. I love being outdoors! So you will catch me mountain biking on trails or biking on dirt roads with my mountain bike- I’m not fancy enough to have a road bike too (yet). You’ll catch me hiking in the woods with my friends and family and you’ll even catch me at a yoga class at a local gym. The point is, if you need rest you need to have rest. So take a day off in between adventures of mountain biking and yoga and hiking!

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