Taking my own advice…finally.

In my last post I had talked about my extreme fatigue. Well in all honesty it almost seems worse now. I’ve been really trying to ask myself what can I do to improve my situation. I’ve decided to really start listening to my body, and I mean really. I really do have a hard time letting myself rest. But my fatigue decided for me this time round. I’m officially in the middle of a complete rest week. No intense workouts. Only walks, yoga, and mediation. 

I’ve never been a napper, even if I’ve been tired being able to actually sleep in the middle of the day has almost always been impossible for me. But lately when I lay down I can actually nap. That goes to show the level of fatigue I have, at least for me it illustrates that point.

I mentioned previously that I also have difficulty giving myself a break from exercises. It’s that cycle where exercise really helps with stress and anxiety and helps me sleep, but I’m so utterly tired that even the idea of exercise is exhausting. So I’ve been trying to find the balance. The right balance of the things that help with stress without overexerting myself, that is.

Last week on Friday I missed my regular yoga class. Instead I walked outside, it was sunny and breezy and beautiful. I walked along flowers and trees and saw the honeybees busily buzzing around. I ended up taking off my shoes to feel the grass under my feet. The sun was warm and felt like a hug from nature. It was magnificent. I feel completely refreshed afterwards. The mental break combined with a bit of physical movement in the visual stimulation of being in nature it was exactly what my body and soul needed.

Today I’m skipping my regular circuit. I’ve been feeling particularly worn down and do not see a point in trying to exert myself in the gym. It’s another beautiful day breezy sunny some clouds here and there. So I’m going outside and I’m gonna go find those honeybees again. I’m going to go delight in being outside and in nature. I’m going to take my shoes off.

This fatigue continues to teach me lessons we all like to say but don’t always actually learn. A lesson to listen to my body. A lesson to give myself permission to rest. And lesson in helping myself heal.


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