Get your Run On

Alright, today I’m going to touch on one of the exercises I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with, running! Specifically today I’m going to talk about gear because it’s one of those things that can push your relationship with running closer to ‘love’ than ‘hate’, at least it does for me!

Wearing the right type of gear is critical in improving the level of performance of an athlete. This is a well-known fact by experienced athletes hence their pickiness when it comes to selecting their gear. If you opt to be a runner, it is essential that you are able to establish the type of gear that you will wear and the importance of each. Proper selection will ensure that your sports performance improves.

Running shoes

When it comes to running, shoes are considered to be the most important part of your gear. You should look for shoes that that will enable you go the distance with utmost comfort. Obviously the size of the shoe matters and different manufacturers run small or large, so you need to get in the store and try them on. Since feet swell with running it’s always best to buy a bit bigger when you are in-between sizes. One of the most important factors that you need to consider when selecting the appropriate shoe is your foot type. If you happen to be flat footed, select a shoe that will help maintain your stability when you run. This will help prevent your feet from rolling inwards as is the tendency. On the other hand, persons with high arched feet need to select running shoes that have soft soles that are shock absorbent. This kinds of sole helps prevent the outward-role effect characterized by persons with high arched feet.

In addition to your type of feet, you should also consider the terrain you will be running on. If you opt to do your running outdoors, you should select shoes that are shock absorbent since tarmac is a very hard surface. This will help prevent any pain or swelling after running. Trainers, on the other hand, would do for indoor running. If in a dilemma on the kind of shoes to wear for your training, consult shoe dealers and professional runners to help you pick the perfect shoe.

Running clothes

They should have the capacity to support your body without compromising your comfort. If your a lady like me, it is a must to have a sports bra that is the right fit and offers the right support. Sorry guys, for the long runs just make sure to tape your nipples! Clothes should obviously be appropriate for the weather and fit you perfectly, no one likes chaffing. You can pick any type of clothing as long as it fits the above conditions. Some people swear by compression running shorts for saving muscle fatigue. I think this is probably true if you are on long runs and top performing, but i’ve never noticed better endurance when wearing them. Common types of running clothes include shorts, running suits, leggings or jogging pants. For women, the most important part of your running gear is the bra. It is recommended that women wear sports bras to prevent their breasts from sagging.

Running Accessories

Running accessories include water bottles, sunglasses, fitness monitors, music players, and headbands. Whilst some of these accessories are not that important, they do go along way in ensuring that the much needed comfort is achieved. Just be careful not to carry many accessories while running to avoid too much weight in form of gadgets. I use an iPan mini to listen to This American Life, Snap Judgement, Radio Lab, or whatever motivational book of interest I’m reading. I’ve personally never been into listening to music while I run for whatever reason.

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