That dang back is whack- AGAIN

I’ve had chronic back problems for years.

Recently I’ve felt especially out of whack but in a different way than I have been in the past. Usually when I had back issues they would arise in the form of debilitating muscle spasms that are incredibly painful and immobilize me somewhat. My range of motion is usually limited and the pain is what I referred to as ‘tweaky’ and sharp.

Recently I felt like things are just “out of place”. My best friends wife happens to be a physical therapist. She does physical therapy with older geriatric patients and specializes in the lower half of the body, including hips and legs. We were all vacationing together over the Fourth of July weekend and I told my husband I was in a lot of pain. He mentioned to my best friend’s wife that I was having a lot of problems. Of course I told my husband not to say thing, because I didn’t want to bother anybody, but I ended up being so grateful that he did. I had gone to bed by the time he told her about my back, so I couldn’t stop him.

The next morning she said she would help me out. She’s not a chiropractor and doesn’t do any hard manipulations. I wasn’t so sure it would help, but I was willing to try anything. She found that my hip was rotated forward, no surprise there this is not the first time. She ended up having me do some bridges while laying on the floor and some stretches and some mobility exercises. Then she helped me by gently touching and moving muscles and stretching and I swear it was some kind of voodoo magic.

It was not instantaneous relief. My muscles were so tight we bound, she even commented to the fact that I was “really really really tight”. That tightness locked things up and of course makes it difficult for your bones to get into the position they need to be in. After she worked on me in the morning, I still felt a lot of tightness, but throughout the day it seemed to relax and it’s own in the tightness decreased substantially.

I told her several times throughout the day that I was already feeling improvement and that I was so grateful. I was, so grateful.

I still have have something out of place, and she took a second look at me a couple days afterwards in the morning but that time the manipulations to help resolve this particular issue. You can’t expect miracles every day! I’m still waiting to get into my chiropractor. It’s one of those things…it takes time to get in on your new patient and you have to do the evaluation.

So thankfully I have some friends who have some skills. Have you ever had any back problems? What has worked for you?

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