Ways to get in a Kettlebell workout

In my last post, I talked about some of the benefits of working out with a kettlebell. This time I wanted to share some different ways you can get in a good kettlebell workout. The YMCA offers classes periodically, and if you are trained, you could always start your own class pretty much anywhere you like. Because kettlebells are portable, you can change locations as much as you like!

Fitness Bootcamp in Ann Arbor offers many different cardio and strength training workout routines; one of which utilizes kettlebells. Because they are easy on your joints and burn many calories at a quicker rate, they are an excellent tool to add to any routine. Your personal trainer at Fitness Bootcamp will evaluate your physical health and wellness and decide which techniques will benefit you the most. The personal trainer will show you the best way to swing the kettlebell and get you started with the correct motions for better mobility and ultimate strength training.


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