Foot Golf

This past September, while I was up in Northern Michigan at a ladies retreat, I had an opportunity to play a new sport called foot golf. This is a fun game that combines soccer and golf, the playing field has 9 holes, and the terrain is a mixture of hills, bumps, dips and valleys.

There were seven of us playing, we each chose a soccer ball, a different color for each of us. Then we began at the first tee; we looked at the map to determine where the pin was and kicked the ball! We had a blast, we had to kick around trees, through bushes, up hills and down hills, chasing the ball every time it got close to the pin and then rolled down the hill again. The flag for each hole was sitting in a bucket, which was deep and wide enough for at least three balls to fit in.

We got great exercise, laughed and joked through the whole game and found it to be the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful fall day!

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