Holistic Health

I’ve been thinking a lot about holistic health lately, healing the mind, body and spirit. Because when you think about it, all three have to work together in order to function properly. If you are working out and have a bad attitude about it, it won’t motivate you to continue exercising. Research suggests that it takes 21 days to change a behavior into a habit. For example, if you feel like you are ready to start an exercise program, but you are feeling like you are going to fail, you already have. Your attitude has to change in order to make the change.

I like Fitness Bootcamp in Ann Arbor because they care about holistic health. With the help of a personal trainer and health coach, you can work on your mind, body and spirit. They begin by doing a fitness assessment, determine your nutrition and exercise habits and discuss your physical abilities and limitations to design the best program for you.

Your training sessions are designed around your individual needs, and may utilize cardio and weight training exercises. They offer three types of training programs, low intense which is two days a week, medium intense that is three days a week, and most intense which trains four days a week. The sessions are semi-private, which means that your trainer will have 2 or 3 other clients as well as you.

The best part about having a personal trainer is that you have a built in motivator, someone who truly cares for your success; and even if your attitude isn’t in the best place at first, they are there to slowly build your workouts so that your confidence grows over time. By the time the 21 days is done, you will feel much better about going to the gym, and your health and energy will greatly benefit too.

Healthy habits take time to develop but with a little help, it CAN be done and you CAN achieve your weight loss goals, and improve your health and nutrition all at the same time!

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