Fitness Training

If you are a beginner at exercising and want to know what you need to do to get a well-rounded routine started, fitness training is the way to go. All fitness training means is that you are working on your whole body, all muscle groups instead of just working one muscle group or bodybuilding. There are 5 elements to consider to help you design a great program for you.

The first is aerobic exercise, which is the cornerstone of any exercise program because it really gets your heart pumping, and works all parts of your body. Some examples of aerobics is jogging, running, swimming, zumba dance classes, biking and water aerobics, just to name a few!

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The second is strength training which is good to do about two times a week. Strength training builds strong bones in your body, and improves muscle function. Using a resistance machine at a gym with weights is a great idea, but you can also buy dumbbells to use at home, resistance bands, or even push ups and lunges are good too.

The third is core exercises; basically working on the core of your body, including stomach, lower back and pelvis. The muscles in these areas protect your back and connect your upper and lower body, and over time, these muscles can get weakened. Doing core exercises, like sit ups or utilizing a fitness ball can strengthen these muscles for optimal performance on every day tasks.

The fourth is balance training which is great especially for older adults because balance deteriorates as we age, which can lead to more falls and fractures. Standing on one leg for a set amount of time is great, yoga, pilates, and tai chi are also some other great exercise programs that can improve balance and flexibility.

And finally, flexibility and and stretching. Some exercises use more flexibility, such as dancing, so stretching and flexibility go hand in hand. Stretching promotes better posture and leads to better flexibility, and it can even reduce stress! Stretching is best used after a work out when muscles are warm and receptive, so start by taking a low intensity walk for ten minutes before stretching.

With these five elements, fitness training will work all of the muscle groups of your body, giving you all around better fitness and improved energy. I’m all for that, I have two small children that I chase around, so getting in a good workout is important!

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