I’m a 30-something who has quite the health journey.

I always thought of myself as a healthy person. I ate well, exercised regularly, and while I didn’t always get the most sleep I thought of myself as a fit person. What I didn’t realize was that my underlying health issues were what were causing my headaches, chronic skin issues, chronic back problems, and extreme fatigue.

I had so many symptoms all the time, but I just thought this was what life was- ups and downs. Back spasms and horrific eczema outbreaks nestled in-between times where neither bothered me.

I ended up learning about nutrition response testing (NRT) from a friend of mine, and now my live is on a healing trajectory. Before NRT I did make a lot of lifestyle changes and met some really wonderful talented people along the way. Here I hope to share my journey with you. Maybe my story can help you. If you ever want to reach out, connect with me here.