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Flu Season

My seven year old son recently had the flu, and as caregiver, I naturally got it too. The most important thing you can do when you have a fever is keep a glass of water nearby and just take sips here and there. My son had a fever of 103 degrees but he kept ice […]


Fitness Training

If you are a beginner at exercising and want to know what you need to do to get a well-rounded routine started, fitness training is the way to go. All fitness training means is that you are working on your whole body, all muscle groups instead of just working one muscle group or bodybuilding. There […]


Holistic Health

I’ve been thinking a lot about holistic health lately, healing the mind, body and spirit. Because when you think about it, all three have to work together in order to function properly. If you are working out and have a bad attitude about it, it won’t motivate you to continue exercising. Research suggests that it […]


Foot Golf

This past September, while I was up in Northern Michigan at a ladies retreat, I had an opportunity to play a new sport called foot golf. This is a fun game that combines soccer and golf, the playing field has 9 holes, and the terrain is a mixture of hills, bumps, dips and valleys. There […]

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Personal Trainer

I have settled into winter, which means I wear comfy pants, thick socks and hunker down inside. Needless to say, my goals to exercise fall by the wayside when I see how bitterly cold it is outside. To best be committed to your health no matter the weather is to have an accountability partner. Someone […]

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Getting back on track

Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is just around the corner. So what are your plans for the holidays? Traveling across the country to see family? Staying close to home and hosting a party? It’s really easy this time of year to let our exercise regimen slide a little, what with all of the wonderful […]


Functional Training

In our everyday movements, there are many things that we already do without thinking about it. We squat when we get something off the floor, we twist our torsos getting out of a car, you push when shutting a door and lunge when something is falling and you want to catch it. Functional training is […]