All About That Back

About five years ago I had a horrendous back spasm. I remember it quite clearly it was Friday after work. It was so bad I didn’t even return to work until the following week on Wednesday, and I was still in pretty bad shape. This wasn’t the first time I’d had a back spasm, nor was it the last. But this particular spasm pushed me to my mental limits. I had to try something different. I needed a change in my life.

I ended up finding some kind of Groupon or Living Social Deal for a personal trainer at in Ann Arbor. I thought I’d use this guy for a month then bounce. I had worked with other trainers in the past. I always felt like they were stuffy headed and judgmental, and also like they didn’t really care about me as a client but just collecting their bottom line dollar. (more…)

Fun Facts About Sleep

I recently read an article about the importance of sleep. It was actually an article about weight loss, and it described weight loss as a feat accomplished by balancing three parts. Much like a stool that you would sit on, without one leg you will tumble over.

It described the two obvious ‘legs’ first. Those are of course eating healthy combined with regular exercise most days of the week. Everyone knows this! What I found interesting was the importance that sleep has for anyone trying to lose weight. (more…)

Looking Back…

My health journey, which I touched on here, seemed to be on a quite convoluted path until recently. I struggled with back pain and low back spasms since I was about 11. It all seemingly started with a skiing accident that send me to physical therapy for  month. But looking back at it now, and what I understand about being truly healthy, I can see my issues  reached beyond back problems and started at a much younger age than 11. (more…)